Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Ten Albums Of The Decade... 2007 MuteMath

Before MuteMath released there self-titled debut album there was some controversy surrounding the band in Christian circles. The band had a falling out with their label because they did not want to be marketed to Christian bookstores and media they wanted to be marked to the mainstream.

Some people might have problem with that stance on their marketing strategy, but it made me like MuteMath immediately.

All to often we put so much energy to reach people who have already been reached, we need to go beyond the comfort zone, and MuteMath does just that.

Musically the band pushes the limits of what is typical. They even have a song by the name, with lyrics that strike a chord, "Can we break the spell/ of the typical." The band is a techno orchestra of Macs, timpani drums, and a vintage Rhodes piano (plus a keytar...yes a keytar).

Seeing MuteMath live is what really sets this band a part and what makes them so important.

I remember taking a trip to Philly with my wife, to see MuteMath at our favorite venue, The TLA on South Street. Such a cool intimate setting, with a great sound, and not a bad seat in the place. Probably because there are no seats, its standing room only. When we saw MuteMath our senses went on overload.

We were mesmerized.

I've never seen a band play with such energy, I've never seen a band play each other's instruments with out missing a beat.

MuteMath is not just a live show but a live experience.

The sound is totally eclectic, mixing elements of classical, electronica, and voice talents which has a timber of the 80's rock legend Sting. From the musical synergy of Control to the experimental sounds of Break The Same. They have hooks, they have pop sensibility, all without being to over produced or contrived.

MuteMath is a band that loves to make creative music that sounds and looks good.

Check out this live show from Conan, which features keytars, piano-handstands, and some crazy jams. This is just a glimpse of what this band can do live.

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