Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Story to Valley Community Church

"A person, who never made a mistake, never tried anything new."
- Albert Einstein 

It all started when I was a Youth Pastor back in York, PA praying for one of my students at a Youth Conference.

I was praying for him and I felt God speaking to me.

"Transition from youth ministry in two years to plant a church."

The next staff meeting we had, the Pastor announced he was going to retire in two years.

I think God was up to something.

The process began as we applied with our District to become church planters, which included a week long "Boot Camp" training and a thorough interview that lasted 5 hours.  We learned a lot and made some great connections.

My wife and I really hit off with the Pastor that interviewed us, Rodney Murphy.  We talked about planting a church outside Baltimore, MD and some of the creative things we wanted to do there.

The next year would prove to be a wild roller-coaster of emotional highs and lows.

We transitioned from Youth Ministry to step out in total faith to raise support for the church plant.
Our son Keane was born and he is such an amazing little guy. So full of life.
I was excited to speak at my alma mater Valley Forge Christian College for a chapel service.

We even ran into Rodney Murphy that day at VFCC and he mentioned if we ever change our minds about Maryland to give him a call.

It was not easy trying to raise support and raise a family, but sometimes faith doesn't aways make sense.

That idea would prove to be true as the church plant in Maryland faced many obstacles and challenges that could not be overcome.  The plug was pulled before we ever had a live service.

We had to make a phone call.

Our District informed us that there was a team of three pastors who raised support and were looking for a church planter.  One of those pastors turned out to be Rodney Murphy.

The same person that interviewed us to plant a church
would be the same person to help us plant a church.

After a number of interviews and trips up to the Valley between Wilkes-Barre and Hazleton we fell in love with a small town called Drums.

The dream of Valley Community Church began...

Where God can turn failures into faith.
Where God can turn second chances into new beginnings.
Where God can bring Hope in the Valley.


  1. Sounds like a God-thing to me! I'm amazed at how God works, and I'm excited to see how He puts this vision together for you, your family, and the people God brings to join you. Keep writing to share what's happening.

    Carey Crawford

  2. Thanx for the encouragement, I will def keep you posted. hey i really liked ur blog too.