Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Proud Brother & A Moving Film

There is a new movie out on DVD this week, The Book of Ruth. Movies come out all the time, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up, its even harder at times to find something worth watching. For movies based on the Bible its even harder to find something that is quality. Sometimes movies based on the bible can rely too much on the message and forget the fact that God calls us do to things with excellence.

The production of a movie is just as important as the message.

The Book of Ruth is a movie that can stand on it's own merits of production and message.

I maybe a little high on the film because the writer of this film is my brother, Salvatore Di Salvatore (yes, that name is not made up, its legit).

I don't think there is someone I respect more. Upon graduating Regent University he had a call and dream; and he never gave up. Many students after graduating give up their dreams for a paycheck and stability. For Salvatore, (Jack as I call him) he never compromised. The ministry is not easy, and when you follow the Holy Spirit, it can be down right scary.

Jack never gave up on his dream and there were so many times when it would've been easy to do so. Especially when people tell you too, advice is not always good advice.

My brother is an inspiration to me, because i think we all have dreams, and sometimes life gets in the way.

Never give up...
Never give up on your dreams...
Never give up on things God is Calling you to Do...

Thanks Jack for reminding us not to give up on our dreams... on my calling.

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