Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Smarter Christians...Not An Oxymoron

Today marked the end of a great semester in Theology for the VFCC Satellite Campus at Gettysburg Master's Commission. I have had the privilege to teach Theology for a couple of years now. It is challenging but always inspiring. This year proved to be no different.

My goal is to always challenge the students to think.

It is not about regurgitating facts or doing busywork. The class is about opening your mind and allowing God to inspire. Today's Christian can be lazy in how we think and process our salvation. Your testimony is important, but it is not the only way to explain what you believe. When your story and the knowledge of HIS-tory come together, the possibilities are endless.

What I loved about this class were the times when students would ask tough questions. Sometimes I even found myself telling them that I will get back to them with an answer the following week.

Im telling you, this class kept me on my toes.

A well thought-out question may have more wisdom than having a text book answer. Christianity is not a formula. It can be simple. It can be tremendously expansive.

Don't Stop Asking Tough Questions...
Don't Stop Believing... (que Journey)

My hope for Christians is to be humble in what we learn and gracious in how we apply it.

Got a tough question...?

May we remember the words from Isaiah, the prophet, "Come, let us reason together."

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