Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 10 Albums of 2000-2009 Countdown

As we approach this new decade in 2010, I want to do a top ten countdown of my favorite albums leading up to the new year. Starting with the year 2000 I will pick my album of the year, and end with the album of the year in 2009. Some albums you might agree with, others maybe not. Each one of these albums are significant to me and my experience, so let the discussion begin...

For the year that started off the new millennium it's definitely not an album of the same name by the Backstreet Boys, or any other boy band. Im definitely glad that phase is over.

My album for 2000 is U2's "All That You Can't Leave Behind."

What an amazing album! U2 opens up the decade with their classic sound of epic guitars ala The Edge and moving lyrics that inspire by Bono (ready to save the world...again).

In the late 90's U2 really got away from their signature sound, and in "All That You Can't..." they return to what people loved in albums like "War" and the "Joshua Tree." Every time I hear the first couple of bars in "Beautiful Day" it just takes my ears for a ride.

Funny thing about this U2 album is that I was in a pretty bad car accident that year; totaled my car actually. I got hit by a speedy pizza delivery guy... I think I was kinda hustling too. I was ok, spent the day in the hospital, but upon leaving the hospital the next day I was at the junk yard getting my car CD Player with my U2 album still inside.

I had to get that album. It was just that good...and still is!

U2 released a couple of other albums later in the decade, still good...still U2, but nothing capture my heart and soul like this effort from the boys of Dublin.

Notable Songs:
Beautiful Day
Stuck In A Moment...
Walk On

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