Thursday, December 3, 2009

Someone Who Changed My Life

My friend Jason Fitch leaves today to plant a church in the south...the way down dirty south. Tulsa to be exact. God bless him, not my calling to go that south, that is definitely too close to Dallas for this Eagles fan. But for Jay, Tulsa is a perfect fit.

We met when I was youth pastor in East Berlin PA, and I think they are still waiting for the wall to come down over there in EB. I'll never forget that first day we chilled at Panera Bread, people toss around concepts like DIVINE APPOINTMENT, a God ordained encounter; but for me and Jay it definitely was.

I've never met a pastor like Jay before, he really broke the mold of a typical pastor. He is a brutally honest guy, with good taste in music and I liked him immediately. Jay became a HUGE support to me when I would face some of the toughest times in ministry.

He always believed in me, even when others did not.

I do not know where I would be on my pastoral journey if it wasn't for Jay. He changed my life, and now Jay leaves to change a city.

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