Thursday, December 10, 2009

Advent: Drum

Let the drumroll begin... It's National Drummers Day! Whether it is a legit day of remembrance or just something silly that a local radio station promotes (WJTL) let us make a joyful noise! I'll promote any day that celebrates drummers, especially since I Am a Drummer.

I have been playing drums since I was sixteen when my parents got me my first kit. I'll never forget that Christmas. I pretty much ran thru the streets of Philadelphia yelling for joy. My neighbors definitely knew I got a drum kit that Christmas day, and probably many days after that. (and not because of the yelling)

There have been many influences that has shaped my drumming growing up.

Keith Moon of The Who. No one plays live like Keith.
Lars Ulrich of Metallica. Metal and being a teenager go hand in hand, and he is one of the best.
Jimmy Chamberlin of Smashing Pumpkins. A mix of jazz and rock for a sound like no other.
Ringo Star of The Beatles. An underrated drummer who always played with joy. (Probably because he was just happy to be there.)

I love Christmas music. One of my favorite Christmas songs is "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," by Bruce Springsteen. I love the beat that Max Weinberg plays during the breakdown during the bridge. My wife Marisa calls it "The Al Beat." I would play along to that song in the back seat of my parents car on my Dad's headrest as we would travel to see our relatives. Im sure it was annoying but my parents never seemed to mind, after all it was "The Boss" on the radio.

During this time of the year, nothing makes feel as proud to be a drummer or gets me choked up than to hear the song "The Little Drummer Boy." For this drummer who grew up playing in church and still plays in church,

this is my song, and for many of you other drummers out there, it's not just my song, it's our song.

Check out this clip from the classic movie "The Little Drummer Boy."
Wait for the 3:29 mark for the line "Then He smiled at Me..." Uh...that just gets me. A simple story, but a moving story, especially for this drummer boy.

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