Friday, December 25, 2009

Top Ten Albums Of The Decade... 2003 Zwan:: Mary Star Of The Sea

The best Smashing Pumpkins album that never was. Billy Corgan famed front man for one of the most credible and intelligent bands of the 90's. The Pumpkins were Billy Corgan, and Corgan was the Pumpkins. He was a musical genius, who was sometimes his own worst enemy. Aren't all musical geniuses. However, the love lost between bandmates and drugs broke up the band in the late 90's.

You saw the great art-grundge music of the 90's fade away as hybrid-rap rock took over.
Limp Bizkit anyone???...yeah...definitely glad that phase in music is over.

The Pumki...err... I mean Zwan released an album in 03 that was bright, upbeat, and spiritual.
For Corgan, this was a different take on music from Pumpkins past.
A welcome change during a time when everyone needed Hope in the wake of war and terrorism.

For me, the album was the soundtrack of summer love, between myself and my soon to be wife Marisa.

We played this album out during the summer of 03, as we traveled for picnics in the park, sushi, and trips to the mall.
(yeah we like to shop...what can I say, fashion has it's price.)
We would listen to Corgan croon as we drive to and fro between Camp Hill and Philly.

The song "Honestly" was our song.

Even now when I listen to the album it just takes me back to the time when the ministry has not yet consumed our lives, fresh out of college and free. (Don't get me wrong I love being a pastor, but it is definitely a calling.)

It was a great summer.

It was our summer.

Check out this clip from Letterman way back in 2003. Take it away Paul.

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