Thursday, December 24, 2009

Top Ten Albums Of The Decade... 2002 Coldplay:: Rush Of Blood To The Head

Coldplay's Rush Of Blood To The Head was epic, before epic was over used as much as awesome. It was the album that catapulted this British troupe to be accepted in The States as the U2 for a new generation. From the opening banging piano chords on Politic to the hip drum beat on In My Place, this album was special from the first listen.

I still remember the night when I bought the album on South Street in Philadelphia at a now closed and extinct Tower Record's Superstore.

There was something special about a CD back then. The anticipation of opening the plastic, and sometimes frustration of getting it actually opened. I guess that was part of the drama and fun. I remember the smell of CD book, and reading the liner notes as my brother drove thru the streets of Philly.

I love iTunes, I love the convenience and the price.

But I miss going with friends to the local CD store and discovering new music. It was a shared experience I miss these days in the world where MP3 is king.

One song captured my ears and senses and was unlike anything I have ever heard before. I remember telling my brother "Dude, play it again! Play it Again! I love this song!"

Clocks was the song that changed everything.

It made people care about a British indie band and made them mainstream.
It made piano a crucial part of any new band that wanted to be taken seriously.
It made Chris Martin cool.

(Cool enough for Gwyneth Paltrow to marry him.)

I'll never forget seeing them for the first time with my brother in Philly later that year.
As much as their music captures your heart, the band's passion is unmatched and it captures your soul.

I never saw anyone play like that before.

It left an indelible impression on me.
I knew one thing, as a musician myself, if any thing is worth playing, it's worth playing with passion.
I want to play with passion the way Chris Martin does.

Now singing on the other hand... I know one thing, I'll never hit that falsetto like him... LOL.

Check out this interview with Coldplay from back in 2002.
Where Chris Martin was challenged by his Grandfather's words to "Do It Now," as inspiration for the title "Rush Of Blood..."
He also talks about his passion for music.

Also look for his dialogue on the song "The Scientist." A brilliant piano ballad, that is the jewel of this album.

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