Monday, October 19, 2009

What Type Of Person Are You When They Get Your Order Wrong?

I am on the go a lot. I eat out eat out a lot. I do try and eat healthy though...but perhaps that is another blog. I was at Panera Bread today for a meeting, and I ordered a pumpkin muffin and coffee. What I got was a pumpkin Muffie instead of a pumpkin Muffin.

Not what I ordered.

The barista was nice and her manager was over her shoulder so I didn't make it a big deal. But seriously a muffie??? Do I want to be that-guy who eats a muffie? Eating a muffie is like eating quiche. This little muffin mishap got me thinking. What type of person are you when they get your order wrong?

Are you the type of person to return a wrong order, or eat away and make the most of it?


  1. I usually return it . . . with a smile - haha.

  2. Well, Top of the Muffin To You!