Friday, October 16, 2009

Dude Perfect With A Cause

You may have seen them on ESPN, The Tody Show, even Regis and Kelly, but the internet sensation of "Dude Perfect" is all a buzz in the media. Six guys from Texas A & M University, with alot of time on their hands, are making incredible trick shots.

And these shots are LEGIT!

These videos are amazing to see, and they are actually true trick shots.

They are not doctored in any way. The videos have been tested by numerous sources and it is found that these shots are not fake. Aside from the great entertainment value of seeing amazing shots (just think of the Michael Jordan/ Larry Bird McDonald's commercials of the 90s), these "Dudes" have a cause.

The more people visit their videos and their website the guys donate money to Compassion International to sponsor children in need.

Dude...that's perfect.

1 comment:

  1. I can confirm what you're saying about these shots being legit. Our music is featured in all their videos, so I've gotten to know these guys, and I can say that everything about them is legit. They're awesome people.