Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love Cancer and a Train

"Who so loves, believes the impossible." -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Love seems to cure anything.

Cancer seems to kill anything.

And the hands that are held in the in-between hold on to anything.

I have recently heard a song that is love in four chords.

It makes me think of my wife and all the reasons of why I married her; while at the same time not mentioning any of those reasons. Except maybe some illusions to a cafe. And you know how I feel about coffee...err Starbucks.

My wife and I recently spent Valentines Day in Philly.
We had reservations at a charming French Restaurant, Amuse (you must go if you can it was amazing).

It was one of our most memorable and needed times we had to celebrate our love.

The place was right across from Love Park, and it truly is a love park. We saw a couple get engaged. The gentlemen got on one knee, (like how it is supposed to be done boys and girls) and she said Yes!

It was one of the most spontaneous things I have ever seen.

It was one of the most spiritual things I have ever seen.

Love changes us.

Love is most inspiring in the midst of challenges.
Maybe because it is the most pure during a time of being refined by the fire of trials.

I stumbled upon a video (literally, it wasn't even on said website) it is
about love, cancer, and a train.

Yes, I cried (in public even, because of course, I am at Starbucks).

Their story makes me want kiss my wife, and tell her I love her...again.

Hug my son and realize every day is a gift.

I am reminded that this life is a breath and sometimes we feel like we have all the time in the world.

The daily trials and worries of the day make us miss the value of 24 hours.

The value of the moments we share.

The value of believing in the impossible.

The value of love.

Today and every day.


  1. i'll have to do a part 2 to this blog, this couple was actually featured on Oprah, and she gave them alot of money to pay there medical bills and then some. Inspiring stuff!