Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Turning 30 and the Irony of It All

I have written and rewritten this blog numerous times.

How do you sum up the past ten years of your life?
How do you know what the next ten years of your life will be like?

I do know this.

I am ready for what's next.

I am ready to be thirty.

Looking back on my twenties I thank God for his grace, because I definitely made some mistakes. I also thank God for his grace, because I also made some really brilliant life choices too, like marrying my best friend and soulmate. (I also thank God for his grace for allowing her to put up with me.)

We have had our fair share of challenges, but the best moments have always been with my wife.

It is not easy being married to a pastor. She has always stuck by my side. Even when we moved four times in one year because there are some things that happen in ministry that no one can prepare you for in Bible College.

The ministry can be like looking at life thru a microscope.

How you look at scripture.
How you look at people.
How you look at yourself.

It can be hard to take a step back and see things in perspective (especially God's perspective) than be short sighted and see things only in the moment.

Think about it.

When you receive a grade on a test or job review, the tendency can be to look at all the things you did wrong instead of things you did right.

This week I got a glimpse of my life from a different perspective.

It has come to my attention that I am one of five Valley Forge Christian College grads to receive the "Young Alumni Service Award," recognizing alum of 10 years or younger who have made significant contributions to further the mission of VFCC.

A friend on mine tweeted congratulating me on the award. I honestly thought he was trying to prank me. He is the type of individual to do such a thing. Think Will Ferrell as youth pastor, and that's pretty much him.

I had him scan and email me the homecoming flyer so I can see for myself.

After my initial thought of being pranked (no one says punk'd anymore) my next thought was, "I don't think I have done enough to deserve this award."

I even said this to my Will Ferrell pastor friend.

He then shared some encouraging words and I began to look at my life as if I was looking at that that test, focusing on the things I did right, not the things I did wrong.

It is ironic, not just because this VFCC student was kicked out and suspended and as my uncle put it, "just happy to graduate from bible college," but that I would receive an award from the college seven years later.

"Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride...I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle" Ecclesiastes 7.8/9.11

In my life I have not won many races or seemed to get off to a good start, but I keep running.

The Fall of 2011 we will be planting a church in Towson MD.

There will be highs.
There will be lows.

I do not know how successful it will be, but I do know this...

I will continue to run, I will be faithful.

Many people have tried to define success, however I believe Mother Teresa has a good perspective on it.

"God hasn't called me to be successful. He's called me to be faithful."


  1. Awesome, that’s exactly what I was scanning for! You just spared me alot of searching around

  2. Wow...thanx I'm glad there was something in there that connected with you. I have a feeling that being 30 something will be awesome.

  3. Thanks for this post, it is great