Thursday, September 23, 2010

See You Again Soon

I spent the day in Towson while I waited for an appointment that I had scheduled. It is a pretty neat town just outside of Baltimore. I love hanging out in Towson, there is just something about it that draws me.

I guess it all began when my wife and I and some friends went to a concert at a small venue called The Recher Theatre. It was the first time I really got to spend some time and catch the vibe in the town and it was pretty much love at first sight. It was also that night that I felt God drawing me to plant a church in Towson.

What if people were lined
up like this to go to church.

The process of planting a church has been about two years now and we are planing to have our first service in the Fall of 2011 hopefully at that very venue The Recher.

The ride that is planting a church is like being on a roller coaster (esp the ones that go upside down).

There are days when you get glimpses and it is an amazing feeling to see what can be.

There are also days when you feel like you just face a lot of shut doors and unforeseen surprises and not good surprises either, and while we are at it, does anyone really like surprises after the age of 5 anyways.

It is humbling to be in the process of raising support. I am not a salesman, I don't approach the gospel as one either. My heart is to see people come to follow Jesus and bring the bible to life thru creative teaching and preaching.

Wouldn't it be great to have people who actually want to come back to church again the next week, and maybe bring a friend?

The call to plant a church for me, is the same as the call into ministry. It is apart of who I am. I would feel like I would be letting God down if this doesn't happen.

I heard a church planter say that the process of planting a church, in beginning, is about the spiritual journey of the one leading the church; he is right. It is as if every day I have to face my fears, my demons and strive to live by faith and not by sight.

This week has been challenging on many levels almost discouraging. The appointment that I had was rescheduled so I just spent some extra time at the Towson Mall, because I am a big believer in retail therapy. Just kidding...maybe. I did have to pick a few things though :-)

I decided to hit up the food court and do some praying while I was there. I was feeling the need to go mexican and enjoy a tasty burrito of epic proportions (im also a big believer in comfort food). The guy who put my burrito together smiled alot, he was just a happy dude I guess, and as I paid for my lunch he said, "See you again soon!"

For some reason, maybe spiritual, his words hit me. I'm sure he says that to a lot of the people who buy his burritos, because they are pretty darn good, but for me his words felt like a promise from God.

I will be back in this town.
I will be planting a church in Towson.
I will be buying a lot of his burritos.

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