Monday, February 8, 2010

Tim Tebow & Another Miracle Baby

The 2009 NFL season came to a close with the New Orleans Saints lifting the Lombardi Trophy. Sad that it was not my Eagles winning this year, but I am happy for The Saints and the people of New Orleans; well deserved.

The Game was great.
The Commercials were funny and clever...oh yeah...speaking of commercials:

There has been much hubbub (yeah its actually a word) about the Tim Tebow Pro-Life spot sponsored by Focus On The Family.

I have to admit I was very curious, and was feeling a mix of emotions.

Christians at times have good intentions but do a poor job of making those intentions palatable to the masses in practice.

After watching the Tebow Spot, I dug it.

It was well done.
It wasn't preachy.
It didn't try fight Roe vs. Wade.

It let the truth speak for itself.

The most touching aspect of the commercial was seeing Tim and his Mom interact and hearing that he was a miracle baby.

That phrase, "miracle baby" always brings a tear to my eye, because that's what my Mom calls me and my brother (aside from the fact that his Mom and my Mom are eerily similar).

My mother was not able to have children.
She took numerous forms of medication.
She was injected by a crazy amount of needles.
She spent countless hours in doctor visits searching for a cure.

The cure however was found in prayer thru the power of Jesus Christ.

I remember my Mom telling us that the doctor wanted to do one more procedure, but my Dad suggested to have one more time to pray, (not to mention that they already had been praying and trying for years) to see what would happen.

Well... my brother is what happened.

Years later my parents learned again they were not able to have children.

They were ready to give up, then my Mom decided to go to a prayer service in Philly held by a pretty prominent evangelist at the time and hope that maybe God would heal her.

She recalls being frustrated because that night nothing happened.

No warm fuzzes.
No word of encouragement.
No miracle.

Just tears.

Sometime after my Mom cried a different set of tears as she learned that she would be having another child despite the doctors disbelief.

Miracle baby number

Tim Tebow's story is my story.
Tim Tebow's story is our story.

I am so encouraged to see a positive family who are Christian's make a stand and do it with grace.

As a soon to be Father, I don't care what the laws are.
Jesus never fought to change the laws of the day.
He let the truth speak for itself.

I will let TRUTH speak for itself.
I will let LIFE speak for itself.

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