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Soundtracking the Bible Pt. VI Ezekiel - Amos

The genre transitions from wisdom literature to the writings of the major and minor prophets.

The prophetic writings fit together to connect the Old and New Testament like a Swiss watch who's value comes in the intricacy and complexity as numerous parts work together to create seamless movement.

These are books that can be easily passed over because of the cryptic writing and bizarre visions. However, underneath surface lies the inner workings of the gadgets and gears that keep the bible in time.

25. Ezekiel - Stairway to Heaven: Led Zeppelin 

One of the most controversial songs and yet popular of all time is Stairway to Heaven.  Surrounded in rumors of mysticism and backward masking,  the original message was about materialism and inspired themes by Tolken's Lord of the Rings.
Ezekiel is a prophetic book that a good portion of the theology of Lucifer is derived and end time prophecy.  The core of the book is God's faithfulness. How he would rather forgive than judge.

(Check out this amazing cover at LCBC a church Central PA)

26. Daniel - Ring of Fire: Johnny Cash

More than just a play on words as Daniel was thrown into a "Ring of Fire," he is a character that stands for integrity and truth.  Written during a time of the Israelites being in captivity, the main theme throughout is how God's love remains faithful even though His people may not. 
Ring of Fire echoes that same theme of faithfulness.  Written during a time of addiction for Johnny Cash, his wife June Carter wrote this song to her husband.   The title may seem ominous but it is actually a song about falling in love.

(The song takes a more tender tone performed by June Carter)

27.   Hosea - Pretty Woman: Roy Orbison 

The life of Hosea plays out like a modern love story as the song of the same name was featured in the movie "Pretty Woman" about a man who falls in love with a prostitute.  Hosea was also a man that fell in love with a prostitute despite her cheating ways.  The picture of being faithful to the unfaithful mirrors God's love that is the same for us.
The song Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison was about his wife Claudette and has a similar history to Hosea as well.  Written when Orbison and his wife had a falling out.  She cheated on him and filled for divorce but Roy's loved never failed and the couple remarried.

28. Joel- Is It Any Wonder? : Keane

Often thought as the "Prophet of Pentecost," because of the connection with v. 2.28 and Acts 2.16 and the outpouring at Pentecost in the New Testament.  Digging deeper into the book you find a people struggling under a corrupt young king Joash and manipulated by his father.   Joel had a mind like a chess player seeing a couple moves down the line and brought a message of judgment but also promise.
The UK band Keane pens a similar note in the song "Is It Any Wonder?" Tim Rice-Oxley, the main lyricist for the band, said in article for Q Magazine, "It articulates something that a lot of people have felt over the last few years: being powerless and totally misrepresented." The song is also said to have have another message of a trouble relationship between two people, much like God and his people in the book of Joel.

29. Amos - Get Up Stand Up : Bob Marley 

This book is a response to the social injustice of Amos' day.  Amos speaks of how God has a special interest for those who are poor and exploited, as the northern kingdom was oppressing the people of the southern kingdom.  The message of Amos is a timeless one as their are still volatile social issues today when it comes to racial minorities, social classes, single moms, and even the elderly. 
Bob Marley was voice much like Amos speaking to the injustices of his day.  "Get Up Stand Up" was a song about taking action against the oppression in his country of Jamaica and Marley transcended generations as a voice fighting for respect and acceptance.

Next week will close out the Old Testament and the remaining books of Minor Prophets. 

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