Friday, May 7, 2010

Students Praying 'Nuff Said

Getting up at the crack of dawn is not fun. However, usually once I am up, hit the shower, and hit some coffee, it is worth it. (The sky always looks amazing before 7am)

Case in point, this past Thursday. I was up extra earlier that morning, following a long night but good night for my ordination (that blog coming later), to meet some TLY students and their friends to meet at Central High's flagpole for the National Day of Prayer.

Why is that prayer always seems to be more powerful in the morning...?

It was worth it to get up and pray with the students.

One by one students began to gather and we had a pretty good group. I remember one year for See-You-At-The-Pole, hardly any one showed up. No one was seeing anyone at the flagpole that day. This day was different.

It was encouraging and powerful to hear the students pray.
To pray for each other.
To pray for their teachers.
To pray to be real and not ashamed.

I actually chucked when one student actually did pray that, "Lord help us to be real so that when our friends ask us why we were at the flagpole so earlier we can be honest with them."
That is what Im talking about! Honest prayers from a generation who wants to other to be real but sometimes has a hard time being real themselves.

Another student actually made a video and really tried to get the word out to the school campus. The video never got approved to be shown. But word did get out.

These students planted seeds that will make a difference tomorrow after all these students could've very well gotten a few extra Zzz's that morning.

I did, when I was a teenager I never went to SYATP I never got up early for the National Day of Prayer. (I was a Christian too)

These students did.

As a youth pastor I try teach these students the best I can, but today I learned from them.

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