Monday, May 10, 2010

Ordination = Humbled

I am still reeling from the spiritual tidal wive that was this past week. (Baby dedication blog coming soon). I was ordained with the Assemblies of God, and Im still trying to figure out how I slipped thru the cracks and was able to be apart of such a progressive movement. (I actually got ordained with 23 individuals 3 of which were women...very cool)

The ordination service had more of an impact on me than I realized, for my wife as well. Marisa said it felt a lot like our wedding service. One reason may be because the same church that we were married in was the same church that I happened to be ordained in, Christian Life Assembly in Camp Hill. (Same worship leader too)

To be honest its really hard to put the night even into words. My wife's grandfather prayed for us, and I was buckets. The words he prayed and how he prayed touched me deeply. Both of my grandfathers have passed on, so I claim my wife's grandfather as my own. I look up to him so much, I love the conversations we have too. I never got to talk to my own grandfathers, one passed before I was born and the other only spoke Italian. So this was very special for me. He is very special to me.

My childhood pastor came up for the ordination service too. He has been in ministry a long time. He prefers not to attend many of the Penn-Del District events, but he told me that he wouldn't miss this service for anything.

He told me he was there because of me, I replied, Im here because of you.

He never gave up on me. When other pastors have in the past, he didn't. I am in ministry today because of the influence he had on my life.

I was congratulated by my college's president (Don Meyer of VFCC one of the most sincere men I have ever known) I also saw professors, former pastors I used to work for, and some new pastors who have I come to know and I respect a lot.

It was a very strange "This Is Your Life" kind of moment. (Yah its an old show but a good one)

I felt loved. I felt honored. I felt humbled.

I was absolutely blown away by the support that I received from my family, my church and my friends. Growing up in Philly I lived in one house, but I changed schools a lot. I never had the opportunity to make solid friends. Today I am blessed with some of the greatest friends I ever had. Friends who came out and hugged me and stood by me thru this process (and stood by me thru some other really tough times too).

I am reminded of the quote from one of my favorite movies, It's A Wonderful Life...

"Remember no man is a failure who has friends."

I never really knew it meant before,

I know what it means now.

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