Monday, April 12, 2010

Dorsey Ross Surviving the Odds & Inspiring Today's Youth

Last night was a very unique night for the students of Third Lane Youth because we had a very unique speaker, Dorsey Ross. He attended Valley Forge Christian Christian College with me, but I never got to really get to know him. I got to know him last night.

Maybe in college I was more wrapped up in being cool, than being cool to others.

I came across Dorsey's blog a number of months ago and what he shared in his post really touched me. Upon checking out his website I learned that he is a youth speaker who is passionate about reaching today's youth and sharing his story.

Dorsey shares a message of hope and purpose for this generation,
"Their are times, in our lives when we look around and wonder do I matter.
We have dreams and visions of what we want to do in our lives, but we question and doubt will we be able to do it... God loves us, and wants to use you for his honor and glory, because you matter to him."

Sometimes we can look at our lives and cry, "God, why me?"
Maybe we can look our lives and cry, "God, why not me!"

It was an empowering service last night for the students of TLY because of Dorsey Ross' example to overcome... but not just for them, it was for me too.

Check out his testimony and pray for Dorsey and his ministry to young people.

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