Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Generation [TLY Sermon 4.25]

Here is the latest sermon from Third Lane Youth. We have been going thru a 1 year bible as a youth group and I have been writing my sermons to go along with what they have read that week.

My hope is that students that missed TLY can catch the sermon here online, or anyone else who happens to read my blog.

The main text for the sermon is Judges 3.12-26 (NLT)
Supporting text. Judges 5.8 (msg) 1Tim 4.12 (NCV)

Key Illustrations.
Comparing Ehud Judge of Israel to Robin Hood (2010).
Comparing Deborah to Lisa a doctor who started a clinic in the poor section of LA (

It's recorded on a HD Flip. The video quality is ok. Some of the graphics from Keynote are hard to see, but hopefully you enjoy the message.

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