Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful.Mom.Breast Cancer

This year has given me more of a moment to pause and give thanks than any other year. Last year my Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and it was a big scare for her, for me, and the family. I am Italian and a Mother in the Italian household is the life blood of the family. Probably because no one else can cook...or clean as good her for that matter :-)

Thank God the doctors found the cancer early enough to the extent of it being very treatable.

Lately there has been alot of talk about the government encouraging women to get tested later in life for breast cancer. The suggested age was 40, and now the suggested age is 50.

Ten years may not sound like alot, but did you know that cancer doubles in size every 100 days?

Let me just say that we need to value the women of this country even if our government does not.

I am thankful for my Mother, she is amazing, and an inspiration to me.
I know there are many other amazing Moms out there, some who might even have breast cancer, let me just say that you are valuable, you are amazing, and there is hope.

This holiday season be thankful for small miracles that turn into big miracles.
This holiday season tell your loved ones that you value them and love them.
This holiday season give thanks to the Lord for He is good.

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