Friday, June 29, 2012

A Drought Resistant Church Plant

"Church Plant"
Recently following a VCC service a hip couple gave me a most unusual and most inspiring gift, a Cactus. They explained it was drought resistant, like VCC.

A drought resistant church plant.

I love a good pun.

They also gave me a letter and usually in my experience a letter from someone in your church is never a good thing, but this letter was different.  

This letter was map.

Three key landmarks for VCC to follow.

And I'd like to share this treasure with you.

Below are some excerpts from the letter, because I believe they are truths worth sharing.

Three key points of wisdom for a drought resistant church plant.

1. Planting Take Patience 

"Copious, absurd amount of patience.  The plant grows on it's own time. It is a test of faith.  But grow it will, it has no other choice." 

The temptation with any test is to look at your friends paper.  When the nerves come and clock ticks, sometimes all you need is a peak at another sheet to see if you are on the right track.  To see if you are where you are supposed to be.  To see if there really are a lot of 'C' answers.  

It's hard to not notice other church plants growing faster; getting noticed and getting ahead. 

Growing faster may make headlines but growing healthy makes strong roots.

There is a culture at VCC growing.
We are now laying the groundwork with a system of volunteers to support the growth that is coming.

That each volunteer plays a part to help those Find Hope in the Valley. 

2. Nourishing the Plant

"The ego of humans can get in the way of this process.  This is natural, and must not be taken personally.  God wants to see you getting your hands dirty."

A very obvious truth, but also deeply profound.  The definition for NOURISH is...  provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. 

We tend to gravitate to the first two health and growth, but what about good condition?

I want to check my ego at the door.
I want to be in good condition so that my church can be in condition.

I am interested in discovering the other substances necessary...

And that takes help.
It takes others.

Knowing that I do not have everything figured out.

Resting on the shoulders of God and those around.

My hope is for VCC to be a bridge not an island.

3. Planting is Trusting

"You are learning to listen to and trust your voice. To trust the still, small Voice."

There is a trend in the church to copy what is successful.

What is the latest series from the latest great pastor/speaker/author and lets do that in our church and see the same results.  How many pastors out there today are preaching someone else's message and passing it off as their own.

Either intentionally or unintentionally.  And we all have a tendency to want to copycat what 'works.'

My wife's grandfather has told me many times to be a Voice not an Echo.

His words reverberate in my head.
That is what I want for VCC.

David lamented to sing a "new song."
Jesus declared "I make all things new."

It is time for VCC to sing it's song and do something new.

(Thanks Gabe & Nikki)

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