Friday, January 6, 2012

Keep It to Yourself

'Tis the season for resolutions and New Year commitments to be a better person.  Which usually include a diet,  gym membership, or a new device for $19.95 that works your abs without really working your abs.

It is refreshing to hit the restart button.

Sometimes in our enthusiasm to conquer the New Year we fail.

Sometimes we should keep our resolutions to ourselves.

We actually might have a better shot of reaching our goals.

"According to most Psychologists, telling someone your goals make them less likely to happen."  says Derek Sivers.

We actually have a better chance if we keep it to ourselves.  The reason is because in our enthusiasm by telling others we already get that sense of accomplishment, and we create a "Social Reality" where the goal is already achieved.

I found this principle to be true when I struggled to quite smoking when I was in college.

Usually smoking and being a college student is not an uncommon thing, however at a bible college, not a good idea.  Following my freshman year and a messy breakup I started smoking on my summer break.  I continued to smoke into my sophomore year.  The administration soon found out because well, you smell when you smoke. No matter how much cologne or incense you may use... you smell.

I worked with the Dean of Men all year to try and kick the habit.  I would tell others constantly I quit, then soon after I would start smoking...again.  It was a vicious cycle. So vicious that I was asked to "transition" after my sophomore year, which in Christian terms means "kicked-out."

The interesting thing is that two weeks after my departure from bible college, I actually did quit smoking.

The reason...

I told no one.
I kept it to myself.
I didn't mistake "the talking for the doing."

Check out this short TED TALK that really breaks down this idea of "Keeping it to yourself..."

After a month or so I started to tell others I quit, after I was on the other side of the smoking mountain.

I did make some resolutions this year...
1.  _________ everyday.
2.  _________ every week.
3.  _________ every month.
4.  _________ this year.

but I'll fill in the blanks for you later.

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