Friday, July 1, 2011

The Church of Allstate

I like to watch TV.

I prefer to watch sports, especially when the Phillies are winning,
and I have to admit The Food Network is pretty addicting.

Network TV on the other hand, has something missing, it could be Lost & 24. Sometimes, I find the commercials more engaging than the Primetime line up.  Especially one type of commercial, featuring my favorite "President."

Here are a few that really speak to me...

It could be the subtle piano playing in the background. The dignity and quit confidence in David Palm...err I mean Dennis Haysbeart's voice, but the point is made without shouting and without gimmicks, but its made with simple truth.

People matter more than things.

Sometimes it may not be the having the answers but having the time.

Who you are with, is more important that what you have.

It's interesting, one night my wife and I were watching TV and one of the Allstate commercials came on and she said, "If Allstate was a church, that's one I'd attend."

She was thinking the exact same thing I was... good timing, good wife.

The rubber is starting to meet the road in our journey to plant a church and that will probably be my next blog.  I have been going to a lot of different churches listening, looking, and taking notes.  The goal is not to steal ideas or copy programs, but to be inspired.

Our hope is not to be the cool church, or a trendy church, we just want to be a church that gets "It."

Allstate might be on to something...
Allstate gets It.

"First pay attention to Me, and then relax.
Now you can take it easy- you're in good hands." Proverbs 1.33 (The Message) 

We may be just figuring this Church Plant out, but
we know that we want this church to be God's church.

We want to be in Good Hands.


  1. I almost never like reading blogs they are empty, and pointless.

    But your blog never disappoints me.