Monday, July 19, 2010


I remember the first time I met Jeff Rosinski. It was orientation at Valley Forge Christian College, and I was excited and scared. New places can have that effect on me - on lots of people I suppose.

There was this one blonde haired guy cracking jokes and wearing a blue tie-dyed "Greatful Dead" T-Shirt. Upon a closer look it read, "Greatful to God, Dead to sin." It was a little cheesy, but it made me laugh. I liked this guy immediately.

Jeff was my first friend at Valley Forge, and probably one of my best friends during those years. We definitely had our moments like most friendship do, but we had some great times too.

Joking in the back of the class.
Playing tennis and talking about girls.
Working in the school cafeteria and thinking we were cool.

Some people are the type of friends that no matter what season of life you are in, you can get together and pick up right where you left off, never missing a beat. Jeff was one of those friends.

We also listened to music a lot.
He turned me on to Garth Brooks and Dave Matthews Band.
I turned him on to the Smashing Pumpkins and Bob Dylan.

One song in particular that Jeff loved (and would steal my CD and have me play all the time) was the Pumpkins cover of "Landslide."

He loved that song.

Listening to the song now and reading the lyrics it's ironic, it is beautiful.

The imagery of mountains.
The honesty of fears.
The changing seasons of hope.

It's a song about growing up.

On the surface Jeff could come across as the typical college guy, but when you got to know him he was deep.

Jeff was a thinker and writer.

During those years we both wrote poetry a lot.
It is cool to go on Jeff's Blog and still see him writing poetry.

I haven't written that much poetry since college.
I think that will change.

When I think of this life, I think that we are all running a race, and as we cross the finish line we cross into eternity.

"Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win!." (1 corinthians 9.24 NLT)

Jeff always ran to win.

Jeff always ran faster than me.

I look forward to seeing you again friend and I know you are waiting at the finish line where life meets eternity.

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