Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Take On: O Me of Little Faith by Jason Boyett

I have been a fan of Jason Boyett ever since I got my hands on his "Pocket Guide to the Bible." I remember picking that book up on a whim at Barnes & Noble and could not put it down and found my self laughing out loud and getting many stares from fellow Barnesy folk.

Boyett's latest confession "O Me of Little Faith" also was hard to put down, and definitely made me chuckle quite often.

It also made me think, process, and look at my belief in God with brutal honesty.

The tagline for the book is "True Confessions of a Spiritual Weakling," and there is something very refreshing with someone who is honest in their struggles. It is like holding your breath as long as you can and as soon as someone else lets out a big exhale you feel released to exhale too. You laugh, you smile and say things like, "man I don't think I've could've held my breath any longer," and are glad you finally can let it out too.

This book is like that, when it comes to faith. I think we all struggle with our faith, wrestle with it...and hold a lot of our questions in to ourselves.

"I'd rather have a faith that makes me ask too many questions than a faith in which the questions have easy answers." (pg 220)

That is what I love about Jason he lets out his tough questions in one big breath and we all can breath a little easier now because we are not the only ones holding stuff in.

Interesting thing about Boyett and his spiritual musings in this book is that he claims to have a weak faith in God, but seriously this book is loaded with scripture references and quotes from other notable authors. I kind of dig that because other books I've read in this type of style had little or any scripture or any reference material at all. That can be a bit indulgent.

Thanks Jason for being credible in your writing. (Incredible would have be the next book..jk jk)

I found myself nodding to myself, laughing to myself and going hmmm many times as I read "O Me of Little..." Boyett's style is brilliant and conversational. Reading his work is like sitting with him over coffee and just talking and having a bromance moment.

Whether your faith is strong or weak, whether you believe in God or not, there is something for you in this book, and I think that is what is really cool about Boyett's approach, and what makes his latest work absolutely approachable and worth checking out.

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